Saturday, November 12, 2011

Teenage Rooms

I love teenage rooms. They have pattern, and lots of furniture to lounge in. They usually have vibrant, juicy colors, too.

I like the colors in this room. They aren't so dark and vibrant like other rooms, but it is peaceful and suddle. I like the way the bed can face he TV, making a bed/couch. I also love the lanterns around the room, too.

I love the colors in this room! They are dark, which does make the room seem smaller, but teenager-ish.
There is a seat to lounge, storage, a day bed, and a desk. What a beautiful room.

I like the stripes on the wall. It has a desk, a day bed, and a ton of storage. I also like the rug, it adds texture to the room.

PS: I do not own any of  these pictures.

Friday, November 11, 2011

Modern Rooms

I've always liked the style of modern, futuristic rooms. They remind me of cleanliness. Here are some modern rooms:

This room is big, and open, and is very organized. It is a definite space saver.It has many shelves, a small desk, and a bunk bed to save space. The room is very modern and stylish.

This kitchen is very inviting, and comfortable looking. It is great for entertaining. I like the dark brownish and green colors, they go very well together so this room can be friendly and professional.

 I love this beautiful bathroom. It has vibrant colors and is playful, yet modern. Notice the shape of the bath tub, and the sink. I love the shelves above the toilet too.

This office is very organized with shelves on the walls and cabinets on it. The chairs also help to give it a modern look. It is very clean and has abstract shapes, which makes it look futuristic.

P.S. These photos do not belong to me.